Getting Started

It is interesting how I am able to do things so easily for others yet it is difficult for me to execute things for myself. I have always thought the best things in life were when you could make someone happy or make them laugh so I have tried to do those two things for others most of my life, all the while I never realized how important it is for me to make myself happy, too.

The last two years has been a roller coaster ride of healing every area of my life and I never thought what could happen would happen, yet it did. Now that I am on the opposite side of the two years I sure do wish I had taken the time to work on things for me that could have allowed me to be totally independent and not require an outside source for anything. I am very proud of myself even though i am not as far along the journey to producing my own business income yet I do believe it is closer than I think to becoming my reality and not just a dream.