Hi, I’m positive-mojo

A kind, loving being who enjoys living life to the fullest, meditating for peace and transforming realities.

Early on

I began my life always knowing things I really was not able to explain, when I interacted with the world around me I felt everything. I realized how different I was when I knew event outcomes before the events happened, so I set out to learn everything I could about who I am, my knowing and my metaphysical gifts, once I focused my energy and intention on healing me, then majic began to happen around me.


I have transformed everything with creative, life-force energies my whole life. I was not aware of my gifts until I realized how to facilitate energy sessions to create homeostasis in my mind, body and soul for my own desired outcomes. When I reached homeostasis, I realized I could thrive and experience massive transformation for my life in a very short time and it required I listen to my body.